Hashshare is the first project in the world that combined Bitcoin Mining System with a Stakingnode.

In an era when it is difficult for individuals to mine alone, anyone can participate in PoS and PoW-based network in an efficient way in the best place without equipment if they participate as HSS Stakingnodes.

About Us

The HSS (Hashshare) is the world's first project combined the Bitcoin mining system with a Stakingnode. The HSS project was developed with the establishment of an efficient and stable Bitcoin mining system for anyone to participate in. The HSS team needed a cryptocurrency to promote global participation in diverse businesses funded by mining profits and began to develop a network which could provide highest transparency.

In addition, the revenue generated by HSS project will be invested in projects separately prepared by the HSS team, which will expand the use of HSS token, and participants can expect increase in the value of HSS. Three key advantages provided by the HSS ecosystem are:

  • Efficient and stable mining system
  • Ensuring a various use cases
  • Fast transaction

Hashshare's Business and Premium Services

Based on know-how and experience accumulated over two years, the HSS team provides services in the following areas.

Cloud Mining

Mining of the world's top digital currency - Bitcoin, in China - the center of mining equipment(ASIC miners) production and in Kazakhstan - a key country in Central Asia with a favorable environment for mining and cheap electricity rates.

Stakingnode Platform

The Stakingnode platform provided for the purpose of contributing to the expansion of the Stakingnode ecosystem applied to the HSS network incorporating the mining business. Stakingnodes get reward for participating in various blockchain networks without operating the server directly.

Hashshare Cloud Mining

HashShare Cloud Mining is a place where investors can participate in Bitcoin Mining without worrying about equipment, mining space, air conditioning, noise and much more other things.

The latest equipment, Competitive price and highest profitability - Hashshare Cloud Mining

The HSS project was developed by establishing an efficient and stable Bitcoin mining system that anyone can participate in.

  • 011st Mining Center - China

    The main reason for mining in China is that it can reduce the shipping time and cost of the mining equipment.

  • Kazakhstan has a considerably less regulatory risk than China and has a favorable environment for Bitcoin mining. An electricity supplier in Kazakhstan at a rate of USD 0.03 per kW, is ready to operate mining equipment.

  • Advanced mining container with optimal cooling and low-cost maintenance. Fast installation and Ease of mobility. Also containers can be stacked like Lego blocks, making them highly scalable.


Project information

  • Category: Bitcoin Mining
  • Project date: 01 July, 2019
  • Project URL: www.hssmining.com

Hashshare Bitcoin Mining Project

To increase the efficiency of mining, the Hashshare team conducts strategic mining operations in China and Kazakhstan. In China, mining began in mid-July 2019, and in Kazakhstan, mining is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2020.

HSS Stakingnode Platform

A platform where anyone can easily participate in various blockchain networks and receive rewards with a Stakingnode without operating the server directly.

Special Benefit

HSS holders can operate a Stakingnode according to the conditions to participate in the HSS network as a node and receive rewards.


Applies for a Stakingnode with minimum required HSS tokens of 10,000 HSS in Hashshare Platform

HSS Platform

Manages hardware and maintenance in Bitcoin Mining Center and operates Stakingnode Platform

User gets HSS reward according to the staking amount

Daily HSS rewards in Hashshare Stakingnode Platform

+ BTC airdrop reward

Bitcoin airdrop after snapshot of nodes on the 15th of every month

Hashshare Ecosystem

The HSS Stakingnode receives Bitcoin reward in addition to the HSS rewards in Hashshare Platform. As mentioned earlier, a 30% of Bitcoin mined in China and Kazakhstan will be paid(airdrop) to users who have Stakingnode on the HSS platform after deducting maintenance costs.

Stakingnode reward30%
Reinvest in the mining facility50%
Operating cost20%

HSS Token Summary & Allocation

Stakingnode Collateral : over 10,000 HSS
Total Supply : 200,000,000
Algorithm : ERC20 - POS

Staking Reward 45%
Reserve (50% Lock) 31%
HSS User Distribution 24%

Real Time Data


Total Staked HSS


Daily HSS Rewards

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Contact Us

Hashshare always shares the core value of building a healthy and future-oriented community with you.


156 Nurly Tau Business Center, Orion RC, Al-Farabi Avenue block 9 5G, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Customer Support Center:

1833-4333 (Mon-Fri. 10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm)